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Optimising images

How to optimise images for web use

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Optimising images for website use is an important process all website publishers should take. The benefits include:

  • Faster page loading times
  • Reduced page file size, which is important for those using mobile connections
  • Favoured by search engines
  • Better for the environment - less load time reduces energy consumption used when loading the page

There are many tools out there to make this process quick and easy. The best part; most of them are free!

Below is our recommended process to freely optimise images before uploading for web use.

1. Resize your image at

Upload your image, then click on resize image. Choose a size for the image that is suitable for the space it is intended for. As a guide, a large image could be 1000-2000px, a medium image around 400-800px or a small image around 100-200px.

2. Compress the image

After pressing download you are given the option to alter the image quality. Drag the slider down to around 75 quality. You’ll get a preview of the file size - in our example we reduced the quality from 3.3MB to 97kb, that’s a 97% reduction in file size!

Quick compression

If you just need to compress images, we recommend using Compress up to 20 images at a time at no cost. This method is only useful if your images are already of the correct dimension.

Written by:
Ashley Crossland
Digital Design Manager
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