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Introducing Dan Pritchard

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Mediadesign recently welcomed Dan, a graduate bringing plenty of fresh ideas and energy to the team. His inclusion makes a great impact on our small team, enabling us to expand our creative services with an increased working capacity.

Get to know about Dan in our Q&A below!

Tell us a bit about yourself.

Hey! My name is Dan, I’m an outgoing, active guy from a beautiful coastal village, Mumbles, near Swansea. My family is obsessed with sport (playing rugby myself) and hugely competitive; with my Paralympian older brother thinking he’s holding the number 1 spot. However, I recently graduated from Cardiff School of Art and Design with a First Degree (the only member of the family to do so, some might argue puts me in 1st place).

What is your background in the design world?

My creative origins sparked from my Dad, who introduced me to landscape photography; something that has now become a shared passion. I chose Art & Design at GCSE level, originally as an escape from regular exams (soon to discover a 10-hour exam followed), however, I loved the lessons more than I imagined, opening my eyes to the world of design.

During my undergraduate, I developed several design skills and explored a variety of design principles, such as editorial, branding, UI/UX design, motion graphics, and campaign material.

As a designer, I'm passionate about editorial work, brand strategy and brand design. I have a strong focus on narrative and storytelling through my design process, which allows me to create emotional experiences, beyond the pure aesthetics of a project. I strive to create work that doesn’t just look good but connects and creates a sense of emotion.

What do you most enjoy about being a creative professional?

The thing I most enjoy about being a design professional is the variety of work each day and always having different design problems to solve. Each day poses a new challenge that you wouldn’t get in other professions.

What do you think the future of design looks like?

Being a designer in current times is very exciting. I think that the future for design is limitless, with the development of digital spaces, design is being used in every aspect of our lives. Design is used more than ever to connect people around the world, because of this I think that digital design is a must. It is exciting for me to be a part of the transition from print to the digital age, experiencing both disciplines and merging the two into one.
I am excited to see what the future holds for design, continuously developing my skills as a young professional, as we grow and change in the industry.

What's your favourite project you've worked on in the past?

One of my favourite projects I have worked on in the past had to be my final major project in university, creating a brand called ‘UMAN’.

UMAN is an emotive brand, that connects to the target audience (men) and allows them to have a voice, in the hope to make actual change in society's expectations and removing the stigma of the traditional masculinity ideology.

Every man is different, and it is this idea of individuality that I wanted to be the main driving force behind the brand. Through this concept I want to redefine what it means to be a man, by addressing the definition of masculinity through individuality, the brand creates a community of like-minded men which builds a place where men can freely express their views and be a part of the brand.

This was my favourite project because it showed me how design could be used to create positive change in the world. I was also able to use this project to face an issue and problem that I believe in. Men’s mental health is a rising issue in today’s society and culture. Although we have come a long way since the early 2000s, I believe that there is still a significant change that we need to make in society to stop the stigma around men’s mental health.

What are you most looking forward to about working with Mediadesign?

The aspect I am most looking forward to working in Mediadesign is working closely with clients, well-known brand names, and building great relationships with great people.

Finally… if you were isolated on a desert island for a year, what 4 items would you take and why!

Stranded on an island, what would I take? Easy, I would take a survival book, to learn from the best. An axe, to craft other items and build a shelter.  A roll of wire for fishing and finally a case of beers to watch the sun set!

Written by:
Dan Pritchard
Junior Graphic Designer
Introducing Dan Pritchard
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